Getting Started

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Inside your Developer Kit, you will find:

Step 1: Fitting To Your Hand

In order to have a comfortable experience with Pulse, we have included three sizing options for fingertip caps. We recommend trying out each size to find what works best for you. Feel free to mix and match sizes on different fingers! Correctly sized caps should fit loosely without falling off.

Step 2: Loosening Pulse

To make attaching the finger caps easier, please first loosen the glove.

Look for one of the black J-shaped pieces on the front of the device. Gently pull until there is roughly 3 inches of slack. Don't be alarmed if you feel some resistance, it is to be expected while powered off.

Step 3: Attaching The Finger Caps

Select the finger cap of your choice.

Slide cap into the clip at a 90° angle.

Twist cap, making sure to align the hole with the plastic tab.

It should stay in place securely with the silicone stretched around the plastic. 

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat steps 1-3 for all fingers.

Step 5: Mounting a Tracker

While Pulse takes care of the finger tracking, it does not have built in position/orientation tracking. This means you will need to attach a controller or tracking puck. 

For tracking pucks (Tundra, Vive 1.0-3.0 & Ultimate):

Simply screw the tracking puck onto the mounting screw.

For controllers:

While tracking pucks are highly recommended, we do include universal adaptors for controllers if you do not have access to them.

1) Fully open the clamp by turning the quick release lever.

2) Tighten the clamp around your controller until there is only slight movement.

3) Remove controller and screw the mount onto the desired glove.

4) Place your controller in the mount and use the lever to clamp down.

Before moving on, please ensure your device is charged. Low battery may cause calibration issues. Please use the included Type-C charging cables and power adaptor*. The white LED indicator will turn off when it reaches full battery.

Step 5: Turning on the Device

Locate the circular button on the back of the device. This is used for toggling the device on/off. Each time Pulse is powered on, it must complete a short calibration process. Before pressing the power button, please make sure there is nothing in the way of the finger caps. Press the button and wait about 10 seconds while the device calibrates. Do not wear the device while powering on or off.

Step 6Bluetooth Pairing

Once Pulse is turned on and calibrated it will enter Bluetooth pairing mode. This is indicated by the blinking blue light.

Before pairing, please ensure your computer supports Bluetooth 5.2 or higher. Pulse may not connect properly on older versions.

1) Navigate to Settings->Bluetooth and Devices

2) Click "Add device."

3) Select "Bluetooth."

4) Click Pulse to pair the device. Repeat to pair the other glove.

Step 7: Installing the Driver

To get Pulse working with your favorite games, you are first going to have to install the Bifrost Driver. Please follow the Driver Guide for installation and setup instructions.

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