Official Driver

The Bifrost Driver allows users to use Pulse with their favorite VR titles. Simply install the driver and use the device just as you would a Knuckles controller.


Please note, this driver is currently in beta. Users may experience bugs or performance issues.


If you encounter an error while installing please make sure SteamVR is not running and check that the target directory is correct. If you continue to have issues, please manually copy the file 'bifrost' to your SteamVR driver directory.

To Remove

In the same folder, run uninstall.bat

How to Use

Launching SteamVR will automatically load the driver and open the user interface. The Bifrost UI will display the current status of each device and their configurations. When you connect a device, some options will be enabled:

Tracker ID

This is the unique ID of the tracker or controller mounted to your Pulse device. If you are using controllers, this value will be set automatically. If you are using tracking pucks you will need to manually set this. 

Below that you will find two buttons:


This function is used to calibrate the device to the user's hand. When the button is pressed, the user will receive a prompt to spread their hand fully, and a countdown (5 seconds) will commence. After measuring the pose, the user will then be prompted to flatten their hand while moving all five fingers together but remaining open. Lastly, the user will be asked to make a fist. For optimal calibration, we suggest positioning the thumb under the other four fingers.


This function is used to align the mounted tracker or controller with the user's hand. Pressing the button will fix the location of the tracker and start a countdown (10 seconds). The user can then adjust their hand position to match the in-game model. Once the alignment feels right, wait for the timer to end, and tracking will resume with the correct alignment.

Make sure to turn up your volume! For both Calibration and Alignment, there will be audio queues so that you can perform the steps easily in VR.

Driver Settings

Before you begin using Pulse, you may want to configure your settings. To access the settings window, click the Bifrost logo in the top left corner of the UI.


For precise finger tracking, it's crucial to maintain slight tension in the white bands consistently. Aim for minimal tension for comfort. You can adjust this with the stiffness slider to suit your preference. The default setting is 50%, but we suggest lowering it until you detect any undesired movement or looseness. Keep experimenting until you discover the optimal tension for your hands.


Experimental Feature

Pulse comes with built-in tracking for both curl and splay movements across all five fingers. By default, only curl input is enabled, as we're still refining the splay implementation. Nonetheless, you can activate our current integration of splay with this setting.

Feel Trigger

Experimental Feature

Activate this feature to receive force feedback when the device detects a complete trigger press. Please note that we're still in the testing phase, so there may be bugs present.